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Text or email a gift fast with GiftYa. With our secure gifting app, you can surprise your friends and family with a thoughtful, in the moment token of your love.

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Easy to use. There are hundreds of e-gift cards to choose from. Everything was delivered via text perfectly!

I liked being able to send a gift card via text since that's the only way my grandkids communicate.

Easy and quick. The follow-ups were great too - nice to know the text was received, opened and e-card used.

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Fast, in the moment gifting.

Text a GiftYa to a recipient in your cell phone.
Personalize the GiftYa with a photo or video.
Choose any merchant, anywhere in the country.
Deliver the GiftYa immediately or schedule for a later date.
Activate the GiftYa to a Visa, Mastercard or Amex so it cannot be lost or stolen.

How to Send GiftYa?

Give a personalized gift to any merchant in the USA.

Choose from almost any merchant in the USA, select the amount you want to give, personalize your GiftYa and send it to your recipient’s phone within seconds.

How to Receive GiftYa?

Never lose or forget your GiftYa.

Activate the GiftYa you received to your payment card in seconds, shop as you normally would and your account is credited the amount you spend until the GiftYa is used in full.

Trae Bodge recommends Giftya

“Saving money on gift cards is one of my favorite budget-friendly shopping tactics!”


GiftYa Spokesperson