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Why GiftYa

GiftYa revolutionizes last-minute gifting with its instant, personalized solutions. Seamlessly integrating speed and personalization, GiftYa allows you to send heartfelt gifts in the moment via text, ensuring that every gesture is tailored to the recipient’s preferences. Whether it’s a spontaneous celebration or a sudden expression of gratitude, GiftYa’s fast and text-based platform ensures that your gesture is both thoughtful and timely, making every occasion special with just a few taps.
How GiftYa works

We created the next-generation of gifting

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Guaranteed secure
Never lost, never stolen
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Flexible choices
Swap for different merchants
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Make it personal
Send with a photos or video
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Gifted their way
Activate to a debit or credit card, or use as eGift

Change the way you gift forever.

People in GiftYa pick
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Neverdrive to a store to buy a gift card again
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Neverworry about keeping track of your eGift in your inbox
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Neverfear the thought of forgetting your card at home
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Neverlose sleep at the idea that your gift card information can be stolen
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Neverwaste time and money in the greeting card aisle for a piece of paper they will just throw away

We partnered with over 190,000 locations. Both big and small.

Want to give a unique and personalized gift? How about a local gift to the corner coffee shop? With GiftYa, you can give a gift for almost any merchant in the country within seconds.

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How it began

Jason Wolfe, the founder of GiftYa, is the former founder of, and life-long entrepreneur and philanthropist. He began his life growing up in the Milton Hershey School, in Hershey, PA. Milton Hershey School was started by the founder of Hershey Chocolate – Milton Hershey. He left his entire fortune when he passed away in 1945 to his orphanage he started in 1909. In this school Wolfe learned about philanthropy. Hershey gave away his entire fortune and invested much of his life into helping needy children. Today they serve over 2,000 students. Wolfe believes there is a reason he is in the gifting business, to give back as he was given by Hershey. But today he is trying to provide a better alternative to gift cards in the form of GiftYa. Gift cards are broken for several reasons.

If you give a gift card, it can be lost or stolen and there is no way to get your money or gift back if that happens. It is totally lost. And who makes out? The criminal and the merchant, not you. If you want to buy a gift card for your loved one to their favorite local diner, chances are you cannot. Gift cards are mostly only available for large national merchants. Our local favorite merchants are left without anything. So you are stuck choosing from the same old same old merchants, right?

Have you heard on the news about gift cards and the underground market of exchanges in gift cards? Well gift cards are used by criminals for prostitution, child trafficking, drugs and more. Do a simple internet search and you will see. Gift cards are not traceable and are therefore used by criminals. I think an alternative can be used to stop this activity. That's what we all want, isn't it?

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