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Send a personalized gift through text - then let your recipient choose how to use it.

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How it works

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Choose from over 190k locations local & nationwide

Whether you want to gift a national brand or a local coffee shop, GiftYa is a fast and secure way to text a gift to over 190,000 location in the United States.
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Create a beautiful, in the moment, unwrapping experience

Choose an amount for the gift, then personalize with a photo, video or choose from stylish designs fit for any occasion.

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Send one or send many.

Whether you're sending a single gift or scheduling dozens of holiday gifts in advance, GiftYa is hassle-free. You can even save time by uploading CSVs. All you need is their phone number or email.
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You choose how to deliver the gift, they choose how to use it.

Let GiftYa deliver through text message or email, or create a gift URL that you can share personally.

Don't stress about picky recipients. If they don't like the merchant you chose, they can swap it out from a flexible list of alternatives.

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Know when your recipients open and use their GiftYa!

When giving typical gift cards you never know if it gets used. GiftYa’s technology enables you to know when your recipient opens your gift and uses it!

Manage all of your sent and received gifts in your GiftYa dashboard. Send quick reminders of unused gifts to ensure your recipients enjoy their well-deserved gift. Plus, send a ThankYa note for any received gift.

Why GiftYa?

See why GiftYa is the next-generation of gifting.