GiftYa API Opportunity

API Opportunity

Create an eGift product for any business within minutes.

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GiftYa’s next gen gifting platform enables us to create an eGift product for any business who accepts Visa and MasterCard within minutes. The GiftYa solution eliminates mass fraud attempts that many brands face with their current gift card program. How? Unlike gift cards a GiftYa cannot be resold in the secondary market, and because a recipient must tie their GiftYa to their personal credit or debit card, attempted frauders risk exposing their real identity.

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White-label integration

GiftYa is in the process of building out our API suite for brands to host the GiftYa solution on their own applications. The API’s will consist of four main categories including:

GiftYa API phone with API details

Enable your customer to purchase your GiftYa from your application and pass us the detail to fulfill and track.

Variables for order processing include: Denomination, pick design, personal message, and delivery method. (text, email, or link)


View order and gift status to communicate with your customers.

Variables include the order status (delivery date/method), gift status (claimed, activated, used, etc), balance, expiration (if applicable), and redemption link.


Manage and view the balances in your account for funding orders.

Merchant creation

Enable your business partners to create a gift that you can offer to your customers.

Just submit the partners merchant information and addresses for each location they have and we do the rest.